Saturday, 15 April 2017

Introducing 'BENJI'

After my lovely dog, Zac, died last August, my life changed; I stopped going out for walks because it felt so strange after having a dog by my side for most of my life.  Having lost some weight (Yay!) I started to put it back on because of lack of exercise. But although I missed having a dog - and the house felt empty and too quiet - I felt that I didn't want another one, because I could never replace a dog like Zac.
But I realised that things were getting worse; I was only going out when absolutely necessary, ordering my shopping online and often not even getting dressed unless I expected visitors.  I NEEDED a dog and somewhere out there, there might be a dog who needed me.
So I recently contacted The Cinnamon Trust ( and enquired about dogs needing homes.  And I heard about Benji.  He lived with an elderly couple who couldn't cope with him, were unable to exercise him and didn't want him.  He was kept in a small dog crate.  I learned that he was fed on unsuitable food - and far too much of it. He needed to be re-homed as soon as possible.
So Benji, a 4/5 year-old Bichon Frise, came to me and I found that cruelty to animals doesn't just mean they have been starved, or beaten.  Benji had been given unsuitable food and far too much of it. A male Bichon Frise should weigh about 5 Kgs (11lbs); Benji was weighed yesterday at 17.15 Kgs (38lbs)!!!! That is 2 Kgs more than my son's Staffie bitch!
Obviously, I have already started him on a diet - good food but very much less than he has been used to.  It's hard to resist those pleading eyes, but it has to be done for his own good.
He has also been shampoo'ed and had his nails trimmed - he no longer smells like a stale ashtray and his fur is whiter, softer, fluffier and much more pleasant to touch.
He has a sweet nature and loves his walks; he has never been socialised with dogs, children, people or animals of any sort, so our walk on Bodmin Moor yesterday introduced him to sheep, lambs, cattle and ponies.  He was amazed - just stood and stared! The sheep were glaring at me; I think they suspected me of stealing one of their lambs!
So here are the photos, the 'Before' photos; I hope to eventually bring you the wonderful 'After' photos when he has been transformed.

Cleaner, sweeter-smelling Benji - he also has a spring in his step and a michievous twinkle in his eye.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Caerhays Castle, Gorran, St.Austell, Cornwall.

Caerhays is home to the x williamsii camellia hybrids but is perhaps best known for its huge, Asiatic magnolias which are usually in their prime in March and April. Caerhays hosts the Plant Heritage National Collection of Magnolias with over 500 different varieties on show. There are also over 80 UK record sized trees in the gardens as measured by height and girth.
Opposite the Castle entrance is Porthluney cove, a private beach which is open to the public.

Still some late daffodils to be seen.

The rear of the Castle.
The Tea Rooms in the Castle Courtyard

My thanks to Charles Winpenny for the lovely photographs; many more photos of Cornwall can be seen on his website -

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Spring all around - and Sherri

Sunshine brings out the best in everyone after lots of rain and bitterly cold winds, even the early blooms in the garden.

Short-stemmed flowers are essential in a windy garden and I love these unusual Tulips

 One of Caspar's favourite sun-bathing spots - a chair in the south-facing study.

"Who?"  "What?"  "WHY?"

  Our Cornish lanes are so beautiful again.

Yesterday I drove down to St Austell to spend time with a dear friend - and to meet her new Pomeranian puppy.
So meet Sherri . . .

She is 9 months old, with a long pedigree and a very beautiful girl with her Red Sable colouring. She has only been with Valerie for 6 days but has settled extremely well; it's as though she has always been there. 
After spending time playing with Sherri and her toys I am even more eager to have my very own dog.  I'm dog-broody! 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Reflective Ramblings

This blog is not called 'Rosie's Ramblings' for nothing - I'm in reflective mood today and my ramblings are my jumbled thoughts of how my life has evolved.
It's overcast here but not raining for a change. Nothing planned and it's very tempting to sit around in home, radio on and a book in hand, teapot on the go, etc. But I really should make an effort to go out somewhere and enjoy the fresh air, maybe a beach walk or something . . . .
When I lived up-country and my visits to Cornwall were just a 2-week camping break in the summer holidays, I used to dream how wonderful it would be to live there and have all of Cornwall on my doorstep, where I could go to a beach or walk the coastal path any time I wanted.
So I made the dream come true. I walked the coastal path with my dogs and went to the beaches with my two youngest sons and it was every bit as wonderful as I'd dreamed.
Now the sons have made their own lives and the dogs have gone (Bess, Todd and Zac) and I am 30 years older.
It's 6 months since my companion, Zac, died; I am still recovering from (and being restricted by) a knee replacement operation and arthritis is rearing its ugly head more often (Cornwall's damp climate doesn't help but I forgive it !)
My mojo for enjoying the great outdoors has got up and gone - it takes a great effort to go out somewhere, anywhere. Sitting around is bad - I need to get walking again, bring those muscles and joints back into use. I need a DOG!

Oh my! Aren't I in a reflective mood? But it's good to write down my thoughts and hopefully to DO something about it.

And now the sun has peeped through the greyness.  I'm off for a shower and I'm GETTING OUT THERE! 

Friday, 10 March 2017

It Stopped Raining!

Oh my goodness me - yesterday afternoon the rain stopped!
In order to mark this momentous happening, I decided to explore a bit further afield.  Looking at this photo of the Moor, you would think we'd had no rain for months, but if you try to walk on it, your foot would sink into deep, squelchy mud! It's like walking on a sponge. 

 There was more green to be seen in the distance.

I love these black lambs - and what a lovely view they have:  that's Colliford Lake, a large reservoir, in the background.

 Highland Cows - one of the very hardy cattle breeds that can withstand the cold, wet winters on Bodmin Moor, because of their long, shaggy coats. We also have Galloways and a few Welsh Blacks. 

I must remember to go back in a few weeks time when they will have their calves - how cute will they be? 
However, I think the zoom lens on my camera will be in action on that occasion; I don't intend getting too close to these very protective cattle when they have their young.